Emergency Planning

Prepare yourself and your family for an emergency by making an emergency plan. ”

Crisis Support Team Essex

"Emergencies affect individuals, families and communities in a wide range of ways. The provision of humanitarian assistance is a multi-agency activity and it is important that this work is co-ordinated" HM Government 2006, Emergency Response and Recovery pg 34

The Crisis Support Team for Essex is a multi-agency county-wide support service that can co-ordinate and deliver practical and emotional support to people affected by major emergencies within Essex, or residents of Essex affected by an major emergency in the UK or abroad.

It is led by Essex County Council’s Social Care services, being the lead agency for planning and co-ordinating humanitarian assistance for emergencies in the UK.The scheme will be activated in a large scale emergency where many people have been affected and existing resources are stretched. It can only be activated by an organisation such as the Police, Health Services or Local Authority on request.

Once activated the relevant organisations that have a role to play in working with people following a major emergency, will co-ordinate their resources to provide appropriate support services for survivors, bereaved and the wider community. This may involve activating a team of volunteers called Crisis Support Workers that can support people on a one-to-one basis in hospitals, emergency assistance centres, on a telephone support line or in people’s homes.

For more information on the Crisis Support Team for Essex check out their website: crisissupportessex.org

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